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SKU: BL570000

Ingeborg - Sheepskin/ Moonlight/ Smoked Oak


Originally Ingeborg was desgined in 1940 by Flemming Lassen. The chair was designed by Master carpenter Jakob Kjaer, who manufactured Flemming Lassen's furniture for The Carpenters guild Annual Furniture Exhibition. The charming little easy chair is named after Flemming and Mogens Lassen's mother, the artist Ingeborg Winding. Ingeborg is a perfect match for the new sofa, called Vilhelm. The sofa is named after the brothers' father Hans Vilhelm Lassen who was a decorative artist. It's a beautiful reunion of Vilhelm and Ingeborg. Despite its petite size, Ingeborg brightens any room with its charm and exclusive style. Ingeborg looks beautiful from all angles. It can be placed anywhere in a room without taking up too much space.

Ingeborg - Sheepskin/ Moonlight/ Smoked Oak
Ingeborg - Sheepskin/ Moonlight/ Smoked Oak Sale price$7,720.57

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