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We ship to the US, Canada, and Internationally. Contact us for shipping details if you have further queries.


  • Before you place your order with us, be sure to measure every entryway into your home as it is your responsibility to make sure that the items will fit.
  • If items do not fit into your home, we do not refund delivery and the item(s) are bound by the specific item’s return policy.


  • To prepare your home for a safe and quick delivery, remove any frames or artwork from walls that may be susceptible to damage, secure any low-hanging light fixtures, remove any doors that may be necessary and place any pets in another room of your home.
  • If you live in a building that requires the use of an elevator, be sure to book its use in advance.
  • During the winter, please make sure that any driveways and walkways are clear of snow and ice as the safety of your products and our delivery team are of the highest importance.


  • It is important that you (or the person you’ve deemed responsible as your designate) take the time to inspect the merchandise to make sure that there are no damages or manufacturer’s defects.
  • Many items are hand-crafted and utilize natural materials and therefore one can expect variations between a floor model, photos or swatches.
  • Upon pick-up or delivery, you will be asked to sign as acceptance of your merchandise and affirm that it is free of damage and manufacturer’s defects.
  • If you should notice any damages or manufacturer’s defects upon delivery of your furniture, you must note it on the Bill of Lading and call ….. while our delivery team is in your home so that we can properly assess the nature of the issue and deal with it accordingly.
  • Failure to provide immediate notification of damages or manufacturer’s defects may impede your ability to submit a claim for resolution.
  • Please note that after we’ve been made aware of the issue at hand it may take up to five business days formulate a plan that addresses your claim. Depending on the nature of the claim, we may have one of our trained technicians resolve the issue to your satisfaction, arrange a replacement of the product altogether or offer an alternate product if stock of the original item is not readily available.


Our goal is to get your purchase from our warehouse into your as hands quickly as possible. When you opt for pickup or ground shipping, we endeavor to have your order ready within 24 hours of order placement (Monday through Friday).

For delivery, you are able to schedule your delivery slot when you make a purchase. 


Navigate Living will not hold orders beyond 5 days. We are more than happy to deliver items to storage facilities for your purchases if your space is not ready but we do not offer this service ourselves.