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Art from the ground up

The Prints Collection

Art from the ground up

The Prints Collection

Artwork doesn’t have to be limited to your walls – let your creativity run wild with statement rugs from Navigate Living’s new Prints collection. Every Prints rug features familiar nature-inspired textures that allow just enough décor versatility for both the minimalists and maximalists in your life.  

Stamped Art 

The abstract, off-balanced design of stamped artwork creates a distinct, eye-catching aesthetic. With dimensional patterns and tone-on-tone stamping, the Prints collection is both electric and playful, serving as a dynamic accent piece or a bold conversation starter.

Tonal Layering 

Tonal layering involves using variations of a single colour or closely related colours to create a sense of depth and texture. This technique can add complexity and richness to any piece of art, making it more engaging and dynamic. Navigate Living’s Prints collection introduces multi-dimensional patterns via tonal layering to draw the viewer’s eye while keeping subtlety and versatile colourways in mind.

Creating Focal Points 

Place Navigate Living’s Prints rug in prominent locations to maximize impact. In the living room, position it under the coffee table or in front of the sofa. In the absence of wall art, let our Prints rugs bring your space to life.

Vibrant Colours 

The Prints collection comes in several striking colours like Muted Oak, Lavender, Sunset Pink, and Moody Ocean Blue. Each colour brings its unique charm:

Muted Oak

Warm & natural tones for cozy interiors


The new neutral – a pop of colour that easily adapts to your aesthetic

Sunset Pink

Bold & playful for a dramatic focal point

Moody Ocean Blue

A mix of comfort and balance

Styling Tips

A quick style guide using our Prints rug collection:

Mix and Match Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix Navigate Living’s Prints rugs with other patterned items. For cohesion, maintain a common colour palette.

Layering Rugs

Layer your Prints rug over a larger, neutral rug. This adds texture and interest without overwhelming the space.

Complementing Furniture & Accessories

Add accent pillows and decorative items that echo the rug’s colours for a cohesive look.

Importance of Lighting

Proper lighting enhances your rug’s visual impact. Use spotlights or floor lamps to highlight the rug and position it to take advantage of natural light.

Furniture Placement

Place furniture so the rug extends beyond the edges to showcase the prints and artwork.

Minimalist Approach

Let the rug be the star of the room by keeping other elements minimal. This works especially well with bold colours like our Sunset Pink and Moody Ocean Blue.